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A little webapp I wrote that helps you write haiku's.


haiku portfolio project 2024-01-07 #

Better news is a simple javascript client that pulls stories from Hacker News and:

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Create Personalized Guided Meditations Using AI

What if, instead of the standard guided meditations on random topics that people typically encounter, you could have a tailored meditation targeting exactly what you're focusing on? Maybe you've grown tired of the lengthy introductions and commercials that many services insert into their meditations. Or perhaps, the meditation durations are never just right; either too short or too long.

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Jump Ci, easily find the CI jobs

Jump Ci (jci) is a fun little script that documents in your git repo where all the
ci jobs are.

For example, lets say you are in docker/container/myapp and you want to find the
ci job that builds that docker image and pushes it into prod. You would just
run jci and like magic the ci pipeline opens in your browser.

Read more makes it a pain to unsubscribe from groups. You have to click on each group, wait for the page to load, then click on the unsubscribe link, wait for the page to load, then click the unsubscribe link. Doesn't sound too horrible but when you have a bunch of groups it's pretty tedious. I can only assume that Meetup doesn't provide the functionality to do this because you being a member of a lot of groups is good for their metrics.

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