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Two products for automating your workspace. the MakaGic and hands free power tool activation.

I see these things as ways of staying in the flow when you are working. Adam savage is great at this optimization of his workspace to make it more of an extension of himself instead of some external bulky thing that is awkward to use. Every time you are working on something and get taken out of the flow of it, you should write it down, and find a way to fix that process (organize your tools better, organize your stuff so you aren't off searching for things all day... etc)

My entire organizational strategy, every second of sweeping and straightening I do at the end of each day, is about keeping up the momentum of my making. When I step into the shop each morning, the state of the shop will influence what happens in there. If the shop is messy, and I have to start the day just putting everything away, that has a small but appreciable effect upon my momentum. It starts me off the blocks with shoes made of lead. -- Adam Savage

Another example is the blogging software I wrote for this site. When I find that I don't want to capture something because I'm to lazy to do some process, I work to automate that process; for example getting screen shots from the clipboard into a markdown link I can use. I added a function I could call that does all of that for me and then places the markdown to use the image in my clipboard.

It’s fifteen or twenty minutes at the end of one day, in exchange for a fully productive six or eight or ten hours the following day. -- Adam Savage

Having a clean workspace you can just start working on is another way to get into the flow to start with; instead of spending the time cleaning your workspace, or procrastinating cleaning your workspace, you just jump into working.