Here are some of the things that keep me busy

IOT Devices

  • awsIOT : connecting the amazon button to a raspberry pi and controlling a flashing red light.
  • adafruitFeatherHuzzah : a mini billboard; draw on the web, and have it update on the mini display
  • Electronics

  • microBitI2cLCD : using an lcd with the BBC microbit.
  • Software

  • use aruco and opencv to save images from a scene github
  • negativeSpacePictures : Using the Cameo silhouette to cut out designs that display pictures in their negative space
  • storageHeapMaps : using heatmaps to visualize where storage is being used across file systems.
  • magicBox : collect data from slower sources and make it available instantly.
  • solving puzzles creatively and solving puzzles regularly
  • mainarizumuPuzzleSolver : my Mainarizumu Solver
  • Art and Design

  • guitarPickHolder : spring loaded guitar pick holder
  • Stuff on a skull : pretty much what it says. A bunch of stuff on a skull
  • 365 days of drawing : page a day calendar on drawing.
  • makeSomethingCoolEveryDay2013

  • publish