Sometimes I read books I like, but sometimes It feels like I don’t

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A process to find new books?

I’ve been reading a a lot of bad books. I could blame amazon for recomending me books that look like they could be intersting, I could blame all the fake reviews, I could blame all the clueless people that would give a pile of dog shit a 5 star review, or I could do something productive and find a way to stop buying all these worthelss books:

This is what I have so far:

This is my working system for at least non-fiction, but fiction is going to be a little harder. People have images they need to live up to for their social groups; for example geeks HAVE to love starwars, so all their reviews will be great for every starwars book even if it’s trash. I’ve seen reviews where people like the author but hate the book they are reviewing yet give it 5 stars because they still like the author, so the entire rating system can mostly be thrown out.

If you have a good system for finding book YOU like, and YOU actually read let me know.