You've reached the public wiki of Matt Poepping. I have a wide range of growing interests, and this page is here to help me remember all the stuff I like to claim I do: I like to take pictures of things, but I don't think I wear enough black to be a photographer. I like to cook and bake, but I've never really owned a white puffy hat. I like to program , and program a lot, but no ones has ever paid me to do it. I like graphic design , and have been paid to do it, but not much. I like making things, but feel weird calling myself an artist. I like to make sounds with instruments, but have yet to start a band. I'm an automation expert by trade, and this funds all my other hobbies until I win the lottery (You can win without playing right?). I like Illustration and character design. I like to tinker with electronics and I've even built a robot or two. I doodle a lot. I like to use the computer to solve puzzles, and I like to travel when I have time. The list is actually longer, but I feel I'm loosing you, so let us move on.
I'm really friendly and haven't bitten anyone in ages, so if you want to reach out and work on a project or say hi, spam me, or whatever let me know. All my contact info is over on the side.

Things I'm working on

  1. use aruco and opencv to save images from a scene.
  2. pingwatcher: a simple tool to monitor network latency and graph it.
  3. adventOfCode2017 : A month of programming puzzles
  4. inkTober : A month of inking
  5. negativeSpacePictures : building physical images in negative space
  6. guitarPickHolder : 3d-printed guitar pick holder.
  7. adafruitFeatherHuzzah : Wireless painting with an arduino.
  8. mainarizumuPuzzleSolver : my Mainarizumu Solver
  9. longmontDataScienceElkExample : setting up an elk stack in docker

    See everything on my projectsList page